Hi and welcome to your SmartFi wealth creation journey.  We are excited for you to experience the unique advantages of SmartFi cryptocurrencies.  SmartFi is built from a safety first, speculation second design approach.  It makes no sense to create wealth only to lose it because of unnecessary risk taking.  This ideal is incorporated in our security approach as well. 

SmartFi continually tests internal and external systems for vulnerabilities by recognized security firms and white hat hackers.  We also have constant monitoring conducted for abnormalities that might indicate a security event in the system internally and/or externally.   

We have controls in place with staff who have access to assets and we require processes that implement checks and balances to control the movement of assets.  We also strive to build and maintain a safety/security first culture.   

As you may know “Be Safe and Secure" is first in our core values.  It is also the second sentence in our Mission and Vision statement, “SmartFi will securely protect the use and possession of our ecosystems user’s Balance Coins without the charge of transaction fees, ever.”  The security first approach is extended to all assets in our centralized and decentralized tools. 

Security Is A Team Effort Which You Are A Critical Part Of 

SmartFi does all it can to keep your assets safe and you must do everything you can to keep your assets safe.  SmartFi has dedicated professionals, systems and controls that make our platform very secure.  Now that you know that our systems are safe and secure.  Let’s turn our focus to what you can do to help yourself secure your assets. 

What are your security plans and controls? 

Because our security measures are robust and vigilant it is unlikely that someone would be able to penetrate our platform.  What is more like to happen is that an attacker would target the weakest link in financial transactions.  That weakest link is the unsuspecting customer or user. 

Despite what movies might show, most hacks don’t involve frantic typing or brute-force attacks. In fact, Verizon’s “2017 Data Breach Investigations” report revealed that 90 percent of successful hacks aren’t hacks at all: They’re social engineering. 

Please take all the precaution and security measure and practices recommended in this article to protect your assets.  It is an overwhelming certainty that someone will try to socially engineer you for information they can use to exploit your vulnerabilities to get at your assets.   

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Empowerment Team.  We are excited to share this journey with you to help you accomplish your wealth creation.



Aaron Tilton
President and CEO


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