SmartFi SmartLOAN allows you to borrow against crypto assets and get liquidity in US dollars in a matter of minutes.

SmartLOAN is available to SmartFi users who have completed account verification and is subject to availability in your country/state.

SmartLOAN is not available in the states of Texas and New York at this time.

Currently, we accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral and the minimum amount for a SmartLOAN is of at least 1,000 USD worth of crypto.

To begin, select the SmartLOAN option on the navigation bar on your top of your screen or you can also select Borrow from your SmartWALLET for assets supported as collateral for SmartLOANS.

On the SmartLOAN Estimator, you will choose your SmartLOAN options and the loan priority that meets your needs. Use the dropdown to let us know if you are looking for the best interest or the largest amount of liquidity from the collateral you will be depositing and we will show you the best SmartLOAN terms to meet that goal.


After you have selected your SmartLOAN amount and terms, you will see the SmartLOAN Agreement. Once you have reviewed and accepted the Agreement, you can continue on to complete your SmartLOAN.

Next you will be asked to send the collateral needed to fund your SmartLOAN.

Your collateral must be in your SmartWALLET to transfer it to your loan.


If you do not have enough to fund your SmartLOAN collateral, you will get the opportunity to make a deposit before completing your SmartLOAN.

Once you have sent your collateral, you can return to your SmartLOAN Dashboard to view the status of your application. Your SmartLOAN will be pending payout until approved. You can also come back to a SmartLOAN application if you are not quite ready to complete it.

Please note that if the market fluctuates a great deal before you complete your SmartLOAN application, collateral requirements may change. Any changes will be reflected in your SmartLOAN agreement.

Once approved, your funds will be deposited into your SmartWALLET and your SmartLOAN will appear under “Active Loans.” There, you can click to view and download your SmartLOAN agreement anytime, as well as, view your loan statement and payment history.


If you need assistance while completing your SmartLOAN application, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Empowerment team. 


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