SmartCYCLE funds SmartFi loan demand. SMTF is sold through the SmartCYCLE, a recycling process of funding and lending on loans through an ongoing token sale.  When the SmartFi loan portfolio increases (more money is lent out) the price of the token is increased by a preset index to fund more loans.

The SMTF SmartCYCLE primary market price is indexed to the increasing total loan portfolio.  The increasing price of the SMTF coin reduces the amount SMTF needed fund the increasing loan portfolio.  

Advantages of SmartCYCLE

1.     Price increases by deflations, SmartCycle puts upward pressure on the price of the coin via deflation.
2.     Better price discovery, SMTF has a forward price curve with exact correlation to the loan portfolio providing a way to forecast the future price.
3.     Less risk, its model can provide a 100% buy back guarantee at the original purchase prices.

Learn more about SmartCYCLE and SmartFi Tokenomics here


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