Sending and receiving digital assets require the paying of network fees to complete the transaction. 

SmartFi does not charge fees on deposits.


On SmartEXCHANGE, the following fees apply:  

Fee Types  

Maker: Maker fees are fees applied on orders executed on the trading platform. Maker orders add liquidity to an exchange. SmartFi charges a 0.5% maker fee.  

Taker: Taker fees are fees applied on orders executed on a trading platform. Taker orders remove liquidity from an exchange. SmartFi charges a 0.5% taker fee.  

Deposit: Deposits on SmartFi are always free.  

Withdrawal: Withdrawal fees are the minimum fees charged when sending crypto from your SmartWALLET to an external wallet. Withdrawal fees vary based on the asset and are subject to change.  They can be found here



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