SmartFi offers a 3-Tiered referral system to help you grow passive income in your account. 


Your referrals page  keeps track of the earnings you have made from your referrals, your referral's referrals, and your referral's referral's referrals! 


Referral Tiers

 Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

       Fee Share: 10%


       Fee Share: 5%


       Fee Share: 2.5%



To find your referral code and link and to track your referral earnings, go to your Account tab and click on Referrals in the sidebar menu.

Click on the ‘Earnings History’ OR ‘Users Referred’ link at the bottom left of the Referrals page to see your list of referrals and how much you have earned via your referral network's trading activity in SmartFi.


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