Please note: ACH Deposits can take 4-5 business days to process.
Funds deposited using ACH are available to use for trading as soon as they are deposited to your account. However, you may not make withdrawals for that amount for 60 days. 

ie: If you deposit $100 via ACH and buy $100 worth of bitcoin, you may not withdraw that bitcoin for 60 days from your SmartFi wallet. 

  1. To make a Deposit by ACH, Click on ‘SMARTWALLET’
  2. You will then be prompted to either Click on the ‘Deposits’ link on the left side of the screen OR
  3. Scroll down the currency listing and Select ‘USD (US Dollars)’ by clicking on the “Deposit” link
  4. In the Deposits window, Select the Deposit Method ‘ACH Transfer’


If Your Bank Account(s) is not Linked:

  • Click on ‘Link Account’ (SmartFi uses PLAID to link your bank account)
  • Click ‘Continue’


  • Then Search / Select the bank you wish to link


  • You will be prompted to then enter your bank login information (i.e., username and password)


  • Once verified, you will be prompted to select the bank account(s) to be linked
  • Now you can select the bank account you wish to use
  • Enter the deposit amount and Click ‘Submit’.

If Your Bank account(s) is Linked:

  • Follow Steps 1 – 4 noted above
  • Select the desired bank account
  • Enter the deposit amount and Click ‘Submit’


  1. Once your payment is complete, the transaction will display in the History



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