Before you
can complete a wire transfer deposit to your SmartFi account, please make sure you have 2FA enabled and have added your bank information. Select "Your Bank Wire Details" from the menu in your SmartWALLET to complete this requirement.

There are two steps to completing a wire deposit. 

Please note that you MUST include the reference number assigned to your account in the notes of your wire transfer. Failure to include this reference number may delay the availability of your funds in your account.

The name on the bank account you are sending the wire from MUST match the name on your SmartFi account. 

Bank Wire deposits completed by 4:00 PM (UTC) are generally credited to your account same business day. Wire transfers received after 4:00 PM (UTC) will be credited next business day. Individual bank policies and holidays can affect when your deposits are processed.

You will need our bank account information before you contact your bank to create a wire transfer.

To obtain the SmartFi bank account details, go to your SmartWALLET. 

  1. Click on the ‘Deposits’ link in the menu on the left side of the screen
  2. In the Deposits window, Select ‘USD (US Dollars)’ from the dropdown menu
  3. Select ‘Wire Transfer’ from the ‘Select a Deposit Method’ menu
  4. Contact your bank to start the wire transfer process

  5. Once the wire transfer with your bank is complete, enter the wire transfer details requested on the  Deposits page in Step 2.
  6. Click on ‘Submit’
  7. Your transaction(s) will be displayed in History on the Deposits page as "Pending" until the funds are received by SmartFi.  Once the deposit reaches us, the transaction will show as "approved," and the funds will be added to your SmartWALLET.


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